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– Black Eyed Peas is an excellent source of fiber and a good source of iron.

-Both hearty and nutritional, signature meals that your customers are sure to love! Not only are these legumes perfect for enhancing buffets and restaurant menus, they’re easy to prepare and add to any dish. While commonly used for southern-style recipes, they can be used as a protein substitute for meat in soups, salsas, and gumbo to accommodate vegetarian guests. After rinsing and boiling them, simply toss them on top of leafy lettuce with a drizzle of dressing for a refreshing salad, roast them for a crispy side dish, or stir them into a sauce and layer it on a portion of noodles for a meatless alternative to traditional pasta.

Rich in potassium, fiber, zinc, and vitamin A, these black eye peas are a great, low-calorie, low-fat option for health-conscious consumers. They’re cholesterol free and boxed with no additives or preservatives, ensuring a fresh flavor and homegrown taste.

-In West africa and the a traditional dish called akara and moinmoin is made of mashed black-eyed peas to which is added salt, onions and/or peppers. The mixture is then fried

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